Saturday, 9 April 2011

Our story Continued

After Sara's first bit of fun in the club in Ipswich she went for the next 2 Saturdays or so with a friend of hers. But only once did she would come back with story of how she gave a blow job in the toilets and how she was fingered this time on the dance floor! She was of course fucked silly when she got home!

She decided that a different venue was in order as Ipswich seemed to be a bit of a chav central. So the following week she went to Great Yarmouth (bit of an oxymoron that) with her mate. She found this a lot better place for pulling better quality blokes.

On her first night out there she pulled 2 men one she gave a hand job too, the other a blow job, both of them fingered her but neither got anywhere near to making her cum although she still enjoyed her night out. I of course enjoyed her telling me about what she had been up to in he ladies toilets and we had some great times when she got home.

The next time she went out was different though and I will continue that on another post.

Friday, 8 April 2011

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Sara’s Inner Slut Starts To Cum Out

Sara’s imaginary club pick up had been used several times over the next weeks helping us both too some big orgasms. In that time Sara had arranged a night out with the girls for real in Ipswich once and had kept me informed on any excitement she had via text, which was a dance or two but nothing more as she was still not 100% sure about it.
A couple of weeks later several orgasms and me reassuring her that I love her and what ever happens I still will always love her, she was off out again. On this evening she dressed up looking great, she’s never really gone for the OTT slutty look, just some good black trousers and a top that shows of her great cleavage, and she was ready to go, with my encouragement of having some fun with anyone she may met. Off she went
I got a text at around 10 later that she had pulled, can’t really remember what I replied but it was something like go for it baby! I must of fallen asleep as I woke up at about 2am in bed as Sara came in the door. After a few mins she came up stairs and said hello to me with a wicked smile on her face. I asked “how did you get on” she replied ”I have been naughty” My cock went from semi to rock hard in about 2 seconds!
She then went on to tell me all about it, the first bloke she pulled sort of wandered off (he missed out there). She was soon approached by another chap she liked the look of that she had got some eye contact. It wasn’t long before she was soon drinking and dancing with him with him coping a feel on the dance floor of her arse and boobs. She invited him to the lady’s, which was an offer he certainly didn’t refuse, went into a cubical. He didn’t waste any time in getting his hands in Sara’s knickers getting 1, then 2 and after a few mins 3 fingeres in her wet pussy. These were the first male fingers to touch her in a sexual way for over 10 years! All the while he was doing this she had released his cock, not huge but not small,(but she told me later smaller than me) and was wanking him off.
She realised that his fingers were not going to make her cum despite how turned on she was (she needs her clit to be played with lots for that) but decided she would give him a BJ. She bent down and took her hard cock into her mouth and gave him her best BJ. She licked his pre cum, sucked, and took him deep into her mouth enjoying his taste and his hardness and the power over his cock. It didn’t take him long before he was coming into her mouth. I asked her if she swallowed, as I know she’s not that keen on the taste of cum, to which she replied “it would of been rude not to”. 
I must admit I was a little jelous, not of him per say but of what she did to him as I rarely get BJ’s and it’s once in a blue moon when Sara will give me a BJ till I come and swallow. But I was also hugely turned on. 
After they had finished and tidied them selfs up (leaving the cubical they got funny looks from the girls), they went back to the bar chatted for a little while and went there separate ways. I asked her why she didn’t fuck him and she said “I am not going to fuck in a ladys toilet cubical and there is no where around the club where you can do it”
 Sara of course was hungry for cock after telling me all this I was not going to deny her, I would like to say I fucked her for an hour and made her cum 15 times, but it would be a lie. She was on her back and legs open and invited me to fuck her. I easly slipped inside her and she soon had hold of her clit. I was so turned on I could feel my sap rising as soon as I entered her.
It wasn’t easy to hold on as she was telling me about how she had 3 fingers of another man in her pussy where my cock was now! But she came before me and I some how managed not to cum as stayed still deep inside her as her pussy milked my cock while she was having a very large orgasm that lasted at least 40 or more seconds.
Now Sara was wet before she came but after she comes and this time especially she was soaking (which can be a pain as she doesn’t like her clit wet) which lessens the friction so I don’t normally come as soon. She lifted her legs up so I could get deep inside her and she just said “FUCK ME!” And I did hard asking her if she like another mans cock in her mouth. Too which she replied I loved having another mans cock coming in my mouth. This drove me over the edge and I came deep deep inside her pussy, a really big trembler of an orgasm.
Sara’s hand straight away starts playing with her clit (it turns her on feeling a cock explode inside her) and tells me to stay still and she is soon cuming on my cock again. From her getting home to her last orgasm probably took no more than 20 mins but it was the quality that made it good.
Afterwards we settled down and we snuggled up to each other, I told her that I was happy with what she did and that I loved her and that I hope next time she can find a place to fuck a lucky man.
*Images are not of Sara just very similar to what she did :)

How it started

It started about 4 years ago, we were in bed playing with each other and talking about sexual fantasy’s as most couples do. We where talking about mine the usual MFF stuff, carrying on the same theme I asked Sara if the Idea of a MMF turned her on, I knew that she has fantasy’s of orgy’s when I first met her when she was 16 but that was over 10 years ago. 
Any way she replied it did turn her on but wasn’t sure she would make it a reality. All the while I am rubbing her clit and she’s getting wetter and wetter. For some reason the subject then went to fidelity and I had asked her if she had ever fucked/sucked anyone else while she was with me. She said no and asked me the same question, i truthfully replied no but I had the opportunity once. There was a german girl that worked for a TV company that made it clear she wanted me but I somehow managed to resist. :)
Sara then went on to tell me almost every time she goes pubbing and clubbing she pulls, although she does nothing with these men. For some reason this turned me on and I suggested to her maybe next time she goes out she should fuck one of these blokes she pulls.
At this point her pussy juice is flowing big time she pulls me on top of her and guides my cock inside her pussy. While I start to fuck her at a steady pace I tell her to emagine a strangers big cock inside her and how her geougous, wet, tight pussy was far to good not to be shared with others. I told her next time she goes out she has to find a nice cock to fuck. As soon as she started to cum (which wasn’t long) I had a huge orgasm with what felt like gallons of cum exploding deep inside Sara’s pussy.
In the after glow of of our sex we then talked about what I had said about her pulling on a night out. I told her I was serious and that she should go for it, but she wasn’t sure it would be a good idea.

New Blog

My new blog
This will be a blog about what my good lady and I get up to in broadening our sexual horizons. (basically her sucking and fucking other men and maybe the odd lady.